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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  March 8, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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the golden gate cemetery in san bruno. a spokesman says, the department is now working to correct 48 mismarked cemeteries at the san francisco national cemetery and they will mark three graves there previously identified as unmarked. as for golden gate cemetery, the va says it will reset 33 incorrectly placed headstones and will order 18 new headstones that were marked previously unmarked graves. while there are headstones dating back to the indian wars, the va says most were buried in san francisco from 1900 through the '50s and the bulk of the san bruno burials were from the 40s 40s through the 60s. so they can't be sure how these mistakes happened. congress was told it was generally sloppy work on the part of contractors who did cemetery renovation throughout the years. >> right here. >> reporter: dennis perry from lake tahoe, nevada, says his dad has been buried here since 1990 and his mom was recently laid to rest. as far as he knows they are in the right place. >> you know, it's a big place.
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there's a lot of people buried here under, i would imagine, at certain times in history under hectic circumstances. i'm not too shocked. >> reporter: the va says it found these errors in an audit of its national cemetery system and they have already checked 1.2 million graves but elizabeth, they have 1.5 million to go before they can even know the scope of the problem so it's going to take months before they even know how many they have total. >> joe vazquez, thank you. at least 9 people are homeless tonight after a huge fire gutted this berkeley apartment building. it started about 4:15 this morning south of the berkeley campus. flames could be seen shooting out of windows from the roof as you see now. everybody made it out safely. but neighbors say it was a very close call. >> i was truly concerned that maybe i would be locked in and there would be no escape. >> i was thinking whether we can get out of here or not
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because that place was so hot and when i tried to close my door, i saw that the door was really hot, you cannot even touch it. >> reporter: firefighters say it was an accidental fire that started in a set of exterior water heaters. damage is estimated at more than a million dollars. new at 5:00, a last-minute change could mean san francisco won't get as many america's cup sailing races as first thought. according to a release, exhibition races scheduled for august may be held in new york harbor instead of san francisco bay. one race executive tells the "san francisco chronicle," holding races around the statue of liberty would, quote, engage the east coast. but adds the chances of that are less than 20% in which case america's cup racing would take place on san francisco bay this august and october leading up to the finals in july 2013. organizers hope to present a revised plan to the san francisco board of supervisors
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on march 27. for the second time in less than a year, pacifica police have shot and killed a dog. tuesday morning, police received reports of a loose pit bull attacking a woman's corgi in her home on adobe drive. the officer then shot the animal as it charged toward him. the corgi was treated for injuries to its neck. a decision on a key piece of evidence in the ross mirkarimi abuse trial could come tomorrow. the focus is on a 55-second video showing bruises on eliana lopez's body. her neighbor ivory madison shot the video. lopez's attorney wants the evidence thrown out. she claims lopez believed she was speaking privately to an attorney since madison is a law school graduate. federal wildlife experts are asking voters to watch out for a pair of gray whales in the bay. the mother and calf were spotted yesterday surfacing near the foot of the golden gate bridge. and the dust has settled on
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super tuesday. and the gop spotlight now turns to the deep south. alabama and mississippi hold their primaries next week. the strongly conservative states could be the last chance for mitt romney's rivals to halt his momentum. despite his growing delegate lead, romney hasn't done well with the southerners, evangelicals and conservative voting blocs. rick santorum and newt gingrich have consistently split that base. in syria, government forces launched a new wave of deadly crackdowns targeting rebels trying to overthrow the regime. the fighting has killed at least 7500 people and it shows no signs of ending. so far bashar assad's top officials have remained loyal to him but a high ranking member of his government posted a video to youtube announcing that he is defecting. altering your favorite soda. the changes made to how coca- cola and pepsi are made to avoid a cancer warning label.
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and a family's disneyland vacation ruined. how a grandmother's plans to save money ended up costing her much more. ,, ,,,,,,
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two people are dead, including the gunman, following a shooting at a psychiatric clinic. poli eye developing story in pennsylvania. two people are dead including a gunman following a shooting at a psychiatric clinic. police say the shooter was armed with two semi-automatic handguns when opened fire after entering the lobby at the university of pittsburgh clinic. seven other people were hurt. officials say the gunman exchanged fire with police but it's unclear whether police officers killed him. it has a reputation as a quiet community but the officers patrol the streets of pleasant hill say 2012 has already been one of the most violent years in decades. christin ayers is live with the details of the city's recent crime surge. reporter: >> so as i walked out in the morning, whoo! no car. >> reporter: it happened outside the pleasant hill home
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where shauna holden grew up in a city that had exactly one robbery last year. >> a bit shocked. kind of like could this really happen to me? >> reporter: even more shocking what happened at holden's home just three weeks later. >> and then the house got broken into. >> reporter: pleasant hill's police union says it's part of an alarming crime spike in this tranquil community. on february 10 a drive-by on a quiet street left one man dead, eight days later a man shot in the chest near strand wood elementary school and robberies up from one last year it 10 this year. >> it's not normal for to us have shootings in the city of pleasant hill let alone two in one week. that's absolutely unusual. >> reporter: the police chief says that does not mean crime is spiraling out of control here. he says service calls are actually down. >> any crime is a concern but these are not unusual numbers for had period of time. >> reporter: that's not what the pleasant hill police union in the midst of contract negotiations told us. in addition to an increase in
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some crimes, four officers were assaulted in january and february. the president of the association todd clark said the statistics speak for themselves. it's startling enough to make people who live and work in pleasant hill aware of what's going on. >> we want this to be a safe neighborhood. >> reporter: she says her neighbors have noticed enough of an increase in vandalism and break-ins that they formed a neighborhood watch where they have never needed one before. she says she learned her lesson. >> they don't leave anything in the car, i lock everything up, the whole house is now locked down. >> reporter: police say the bottom line is this is a safe community but it may be time for residents here to start taking some extra precautions. live in pleasant hill, christin ayers, cbs 5. after a two-year ban on catching salmon off our coast, this could be a banner year. federal and state biologists say there are an estimated 2.5 million salmon ready to spawn in the sacramento and klamath rivers, numbers they haven't seen in more than a decade, which could mean a long season
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for fishermen, recreational and commercial. >> well, happy about the salmon especially myself because it's my life. >> the federal council says commercial fishing could start on april 1 and run through september. it will be announced soon. taking a chance to be behind the next big thing. >> it's becoming a day job, night job and a dream job for me. >> the bay area spot where entrepreneurs are gathering to launch their revolutionary ideas. plus, hidden dangers. the potentially harmful chemicals found in everyday products that could be making you sick. and take a deal for the happiest place on earth. how some looking for a discount are getting duped in tonight's consumerwatch. ,,
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"next big thing" are pitching their ideas in the bay area. patrick sedi inventsers and entrepreneurs with dreams are creating the next big thing pitching their ideas in the bay area. >> patrick sedillo takes us to the launch festival in san francisco where some have given up everything to chase their dreams.
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reporter: here at the launch expo ideas are aplenty. >> we have created a product that makes it easy from anyone who has a business, an idea to drag and drop go to websites. >> reporter: to things you never knew you needed. >> turbotax and we take the complicated and stressful process of finding money for college and make it really simple. >> reporter: seven years ago, this didn't exist and neither did this. but this elevator did and that's where the elevator pitch takes place. >> we make sure you never fall out of your important contacts. think of zipcar for electric vespas. >> reporter: working a six- figure job a year ago, she left to start her own company. >> people need a space for a party or meeting you can come to do a search, compare venues and price the event and book it instantly. >> reporter: they are all young entrepreneurs leaving well paid jobs to focus on their dreams, with one big perk. it's tough to fire yourself. >> it's becoming a day job, night job and a dream job for me. >> reporter: reporting from san
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francisco, patrick sedillo, cbs 5. a plan to cut greece's crippling debt by $140 billion looks likely to succeed. that would head off a default by the greek government. today a majority of private investors swapped their government bonds at a loss of 50% in exchange for new bonds with better repayment terms. an official announcement is expected tomorrow. and that news boosted investor confidence around the globe today. all three markets were in positive territory led by the dow which gained more than 70 points. wells fargo's getting rid of free checking in six more states. starting in may, customers will start paying $7 a month for checking. a fee can be avoided by keeping a minimum balance of $1500 in your account or making direct deposits of at least $500 a month. the bank started charging customers that $7 fee in california and other western states last year. airfares are only going up.
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way up. the faa predicts airfare will nearly double in the next 20 years and it's also going to get tougher to book a flight. that's because the number of people flying commercially is estimated to grow from 732 million this year to 1 billion by the year 2024 and 1.2 billion by the year 2032. anybody who has bought tickets to disneyland knows the price can really add up but trying to save on the tickets can cost even more. >> as julie watts reports, scammers are taking the fun out of some disney vacations. reporter: it may be the happiest place on earth but connie wasn't so happy about the price of taking her grandchildren to disneyland. so she turned to craigslist and found what sounded like a good deal. five two-day park hopper tickets for $550. >> they were selling them from like $90 less than you get the tickets. >> reporter: but when the east bay grandmother met the seller at an emeryville ikea, she was
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taken for a ride. >> i looked at the tickets and they were cash and then when i got home i realized some of the tickets were expired. i was ticked. yeah. i was mad. >> reporter: corbin brent saw a similar ad. lucky for him when met the seller on a san francisco street corner he asked too many questions and the deal fell apart. >> she then stopped and turned and says, you know, these tickets aren't for you. >> reporter: selling discounted disney tickets online is big business but one broker who did his own survey estimates as much as 20 to 30% of the tickets sold on craigslist are actually scams. >> that's got to be a great way to ruin a vacation. >> reporter: sergeant john hurd of the livermore police department says buying any kind of tickets secondhand from a stranger is risky and scammers are experts at making fake tickets look real. >> anything cap be copied, mon -- can be copied, money, tickets. >> reporter: if you are going to do it, go through a site that offers protection for
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buyers, like ebay or stubhub. be suspicious if the price is too good. >> if it seems like it's too good to be true, it probably is. >> reporter: it's often impossible to tell if that bar code on the secondhand eticket is valid just by looking at it. buyers usually don't find out four sure until the ticket is scanned at the entrance. remember, if you have a consumer complaint, call us at 1-888-5-helps-u or head to >> you would hate to get to disneyland with the kids and disappoint them. >> can you imagine? >> well, you would be paying double and then some. >> then you would have to. exactly. thank you. well, ken bastida is live in mobile5 right now looking for those gray whales seen in the bay. >> did you find a good spot? >> the ee elusive gray whales. they were spotted yesterday. >> reporter: we're not alone. there are a lot of people out here looking for them, kayakers just drifting and here's the theory. he we figure this is the only
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way in and out of the bay. so if the whales are coming by tonight, rest assured that mobile5 will have a picture. but just in case we miss the whale, we are going to show you pictures we took yesterday from chopper 5. we have a beautiful mama gray whale and baby frolicking around. actually the people from the gulf of the farralons says there was a sighting this morning around 8:00 near the shoreline of alcatraz and again about 11:30. so the whales seem to be doing their thing hanging around the bay. don't get too close, stay at least 300 feet away even in a kayak or in a live van. stay away from the whales. give them a bit of room. it's not unusual. whales come in every year and a half, 18 months. we have a theory though why the
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whales are here right now. and that is because of the san francisco ocean film festival. their gala is tonight. the guy running the film festival says, they're right on cue. >> exactly. cue the whales. >> reporter: and they get two front row seats. so there you go. >> the way mobile5 works, is you could actually put it on your back and go out in a kayak and give us not too close a shot but a legal close shot. >> reporter: either that allen or swim out. i could do that. >> we'll get you the wet suit. >> reporter: i wouldn't bet on it but it's possible. >> don't give the boss any ideas. thank you, kenny. roberta, if you are one of those lucky folks out there looking for the whales now they have some gorgeous weather. >> most likely those whales are trying to avoid the high swells and that's why they come into our bay just to rest and relax a little bit and enjoy the bay area weather. in has been extraordinary. today's -- it has been extraordinary. today's highs 73 degrees in santa rosa.
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so far 67 degrees and that's after realizing a high today of 72 in dub. san mateo dropped to 63. san jose 70 when the average high this time of the year is 66 degrees. crystal clear skies tonight. another starry night with temperatures dipping. 40 to the south. low to mid-50s common across the central bay. pacifica 43. it will be freezing at the delta. we have a lot of storms stacking up over the eastern pacific. we have action developing. see that little glitch there? that's caused by the solar storms get a little glitch in our transmission of our satellite. but nevertheless, we have high pressure building in. that is an offshore flow that you're looking at right there so we are going to enjoy one more day of the offshore conditions with wall-to-wall sunshine until this happens. watch your futurecast. here's your friday lunchtime. friday night increasing cloud cover, a little rain to the north of our far reaches of our
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northern portion of our bay area district. then your saturday looks mostly cloudy. we do have a slight chance of a light shower north of the golden gate bridge and here comes sunday again a second system wants to roll into the bay area. so we have to put a chance of rain showers in the forecast, as well. live cbs 5 weather camera looking out from mount vaca at a crystal clear sky. there is a slight chance that we could actually see the northern lights tonight with the visibility unlimited. tomorrow sunny and warm for one more day. and then we have a big weather pattern shift. we'll share that seven-day forecast with you but tomorrow's numbers 62 to 74 degrees but going with 76 degrees as the outside number in salinas and hollister. as the numbers go up, dry air mass, we have the pollen count going up, as well. boy, it's off the charts. if you are an allergy sufferer, you know what i'm talking about. cooler and cloudy on saturday with a slight chance of rain. another chance of rain from a second system on sunday. more likely we'll have rain
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each and every day from monday through thursday as it turns soggy and wet. and this weekend by the way when you go to bed on saturday night, set your clock one hour ahead as we spring ahead. heavenly says coming up, packed powder, lots of packed powder. 24" fell in homewood in the last seven days and sugar bowl no new snow in the past 24 hours but plenty of machine groomed packed powder and just enjoy your weekend but again we'll lose an hour of it but excited about the changes coming up, gang. >> no kidding. >> thank you. coming up, changes to your coca-cola and pepsi. what will avoid a cancer warning on soda labels. ,,,,,,,,
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getting ready to plant? chances are your soil is like this: compacted, drained of nutrients. it'll hold your plants... but it'll also hold 'em back. the solution: miracle-gro garden soil. the perfect mix of rich, organic ingredients, and miracle-gro plant food. just mix it in. and turn bad soil into great soil.
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helps plants grow twice as big. instead of holding 'em back, they'll leap ahead. miracle-gro garden soil. start right. finish big. formula, to avoid having to carry a cancer warning on its cans. it's one of several soda way they coca-cola is changing a formula to avoid a cancer label. it's one of several companies
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conforming to new california standards. the current method results in trace amounts of a chemical linked to cancer in rodents. but the fda stresses that we humans would have to drink more than 1,000 cans of soda a day to get the same dose used in the study. how about hidden dangers in products you use every day? could be making you sick. >> even if you read the labels, you may not be aware of potentially hazardous chemicals. >> reporter: buffy takes care of her body and reads the labels on products she buys. she trusts that they are complete. >> if there is something on -- in a store especially a main store a chain store, i am going to think that that product is safe. >> reporter: but the silent spring institute tested 213 ofday products for -- everyday products for 66 compounds including some that cause asthma or disrupt hormones. >> they found of the 66 chemicals, they found 55 of them. >> reporter: the study found
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the highest concentrations of chemicals in fragrance products like perfume, air freshners, dryer sheets and sunscreen. you probably have products with these chemicals all over your house, bathroom, laundry room, kitchen. but if you want to avoid them, it's difficult to know what you should buy. >> the bottom line is they were testing for a number of these chemicals that were showing up in products and they weren't listed on the label. >> reporter: critics of the study say it has several flaws including it tested products together in batches instead of one by one. and the study doesn't show how much exposure to chemicals causes the health problems. hanson says new packaging regulations would help solve the problem. >> we need more label. these ingredients should absolutely be listed on the labels. >> i kind of assumed that everything is in the label. i shouldn't be left out in the dark of what i'm getting. >> reporter: buffy says that information would help her make a choice about products she uses every day. edward lawrence for cbs news, marina del ray, california.
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nearly one in five u.s. high schoolers is a smoker. that's according to a new report from the surgeon general. the rate is actually down about 30% from 1994 when the last survey was taken. the new numbers show the decline is slowing and most smokers still begin by age 18. the report calls for increased funding for antismoking programs and higher tobacco taxes to combat the problem. as tensions escalate over iran's nuclear ambitions, "60 minutes" sits down for a rare interview with the former head of israel's intelligence agency. what he said about attacking iran surprised us. that's tonight on the cbs evening news. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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news at 6. good evening, i'm dana king. here's what we're working on for the 6:00 news. an underwater mission to clean you a toxic mess. the clues scuba divers are looking for that could make the area safer for everyone. and a lot tow millionaire on welfare? the loophole that let one woman collect hundreds a month in food stamps. that and much more at 6:00. >> thank you. cbs evening news with scott pelley is next. >> and remember, the latest news and weather "is" always on >> get out there and enjoy the evening. >> gorgeous. >> absolutely beautiful.


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